På cykel fra Silkeborg til København

In Vejle I lost my luggage on the road

Somewhere on Funen

When i was i South America I thought a lot about what to do when I returned to Denmark. I spent 30 hours alone in some busses down there, so I really had the time to plan. One of my goals was to go to CPH on my bicycle, approx. 300 km. I guess it was the trip in SA which gave me all this energy - I mean suddenly Denmark seemed so small to me. So a week after my return I left the farm around 8am. The sun was shining, blue skies and the danish summer was just around the corner. 
The first day I went to Odense, where I stayed for the night by my good friend Tommy in his appartment. We had not seen each other for a loooong time, so it was amazing finally to spent some time with him.
The following day I continued my trip across Denmark.

On the island Funen I passed by Nyborg where the queen of Denmark, Queen Margrethe II suddenly appeared in the royal ship. Kind of weird!

Just arrived in CPH

Between the island Funen and the island Zealand I had to take the train under the sea, cause it's illegal to cross the bridge (highway) even though it would be a lot of fun to try to bike in the emergency lane. Anyway, I arrived in CPH to my (big)sisters appartment at 5pm on the second day. I was pretty tired but it was extremely gratifying to have completed the race. . . 

... tired ...

I felt so much pain in my ass the following week. I was in Malmö, Sweden to shop some clothes and had a great time in the capital of DK with my sis.

In Malmö

My sis and me in a store in CPH